Below are a list of resources made by other organisations. We have divided them into the themes; Good Life, Care and Support, New Skills, Your Community, and Planning and Goals. 

Good Life

A Place to Call Home: Thinking it through A resource for families/carers on envisioning and planning living independently. (Pave the Way)
Shoulder to Shoulder: Support for Aboriginal People with Disability Resources for Aboriginal people with disability on how to get support to live the life you want (Department of Ageing Disability and Home Care)
Getting to Know You: Planning for Services in Supported Living This is a workbook that can be used to plan supported living. It has information on communicating, planning a conversation, and figuring out your dreams and goals. (Connections for Information and Resources on Community Living)
Discover: A resource for people planning for the future This is a fact sheet on planning for parents and carers. It has lots of information on human rights, early intervention, advocacy, legal planning and supported decision-making. (Endeavour Foundation on behalf of FaHCSIA)
Supported Living A website about supported living and what good supported living could mean.
Picture My Future The Picture My Future approach uses pictures to support people with intellectual disability as they explore their hopes and dreams for the future. This website contains a toolkit and information on how to use the Picture My Future approach.
Healthy Start A network with information and resources on how to support parents with learning difficulties
All About Sex A series of 19 fact sheets for people with intellectual disability and their support.
Living My Way These stories offer a positive reflection of how a good life can look and that anything is possible with the right support. (Aboriginal Disability Network NSW)
Developing a Vision These stories share the importance of creating a vision to get the life you want. (Resourcing Families)

Care and Support

How to involve people with a learning disability in choosing and developing their support A video about how to decide which organisation to choose to deliver your services (Wesley Mission Victoria)
What should be the support worker's role? A video about the role of people providing paid support to people with disability. (Community Resource Unit)

New Skills

Self-Advocacy Kit This self-advocacy kit gives you the resources to work towards getting the life you want. Includes information on being assertive, listening and knowing your rights. (Advocacy for Inclusion)
Exploring Self-Advocacy In this video students with disability and their parents talk about the importance of self-advocacy. (Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center)
Be your own Advocate Tips for self-advocacy. (ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service) 
Decisions Decisions Decisions This video that teaches young people with intellectual disability about choice and decision-making. (Speakout Advocacy)
Supported Decision Making This is a guide to supporting people with disability to make their own decisions. (Department of Human Services Victoria)
Making Decisions under the NDIS Information on making decisions under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. (Disability Advocacy Network Australia)
Support My Decision Online guide by ADACAS on making your own decisions. (A.C.T. Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service)
Listening to those rarely heard A video on supported decision making (SCOPE Victoria)

Your Community

Disability Rights This is the Australian Human Rights Commission web page about the rights of people with disability. (Australian Human Rights Commission)
Twenty Stories These videos share 20 stories about people with disabilities using their human rights in Australia (Australian Human Rights Commission)
Persons with disabilities share the same human rights A video about the fact that people with disability are entitled to all human rights and should be treated with the dignity that many people take for granted. (UN Human Rights)
The United Nations Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities: What does it mean for you? This is an easy-read guide about the Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (CRPD) and what it means. (UK Equality and Human Rights Commission)
The Art of Asking This article talks about how it is important for the community to stand alongside people with disability and tips on how to ask for community involvement. (Community Resource Unit)
Living our Dreams A Canadian booklet about alternatives to traditional residential options for adults with a developmental disability. (Community Living British Columbia)
A Home of My Own: Right, Rhetoric or Reality? Considerations for housing and a sustainable future for people with disability in NSW. (Family Advocacy NSW)
Tips on finding supportive housemates Information on how to find the right housemates for you. (InCharge)

Planning and Goals

Pinarc Disability Support Planning Video This video talks about how you can use planning to get more choice and control in your life. It includes details on how to write a person-centred plan and how to set goals that are important to you. (Pinarc Disability)
Planning for the future: People with disability This booklet is part of an information package developed to assist families in planning for the future of their family member with disability. The booklet is available in multiple languages. (Department of Social Services)
Achieving your Goals In this video people with cerebral palsy share their stories on how they are achieving their goals. (Cerebral Palsy Alliance)
Setting goals and accessing the community This booklet was written for Australian Disability Enterprise Employees but has information for everyone on goal setting, sharing goals and looking at risks involved. (Australian Red Cross)