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Carol Nehme
Carol has learnt that speaking up and knowing her rights is important.
George – standing up for rights
"My ability to assist people to stand up for their rights is very important for me."
Getting a job
Shu talks about going to TAFE to build up her skills and get a job
In the workplace
What does inclusion in the workplace really look like?  ...
Jessica – enjoying her <span class="highlight">work</span>
"People with disabilities shouldn’t be called ‘special needs’."
Shu-Hua Chan
Shu talks about making choices and getting ready for a job. 
<span class="highlight">Work</span>
Having a job can be great. You can learn things, you can meet people, and you can get money to buy the things you want. You need to think carefully about the type of job you want. Then you need to think ...