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Get More Skills: Good Life Workshop

A workshop for people with disability, their families and carers.

• Practise speaking up and setting goals
• Get ready for the NDIS
• Take home tools to help you plan

We run workshops all throughout NSW, check out the dates and locations.

We work with people with disability and their families to live life their way and get the most out of the changing disability system. Our goal is to help people learn and practice new ways of doing things and develop and grow skills in three key areas: choice, voice and control – three very important qualities people should have in their own lives.

Exercising choice and control not only requires new skills and knowledge, but also new thinking and confidence, and this is what our Get More Skills workshops look to achieve. The workshops talk about the NDIS, particularly in relation to how thinking about goals can help make the most of the new system. We provide practical activities to help people think about choice, voice and control in their lives, or the lives of people that they support. The workshops are free and open to anyone with a disability or who is a family member or carer, and we are able to supply interpreters, personal care and other assistance to make them as accessible as possible. 

Adele Tashkin, one of our workshop facilitators, sees first-hand the benefits being better informed about the NDIS, options, plans and goals is having to people. Adele says, “We give people the chance to really think about their lives and the things that are important to them as individuals, rather than just what is ‘on offer.’ They start considering hopes and dreams that they had put to the side due to lack of opportunity. People walk away feeling they have a practical starting point and that they know how to move forward towards a good life”.



What do the symbols mean?

participationParticipation choiceChoice positive changePositive Change videoVideo
workWork new ideasHaving new ideas goalsGoals writtenWritten
stronger people voicesStronger People and Voices new thingsTrying new things   audioAudio
belongingBelonging managing budgets staff lifeManaging budgets, staff and life infoInformation  
homeHome planningPlanning learning discoveryLearning and discovery